Company: Production and Quality

Quality assurance of JAHN GmbH

starts with the consulting of our customers, it continues in our operating processes and guarantees that our products will be supplied in good quality and technical conforming condition to our customers worldwide.
Quality is a main objective in our production organisation. Only products of high quality should be linked with the company name of Jahn.
Quality is the fulfilment of requirements for highest customer satisfaction and therewith precondition for our success.
Our most modern equipped measuring laboratories are able to proceed with simple as well as with complicated measurements on initial samples and serial parts.

Our production
The whole production is equipped with most modern machines and equipment. The high production depth, the huge product range and the high technological know how of our employee allow our customers to purchase products from impact extrusion blankets to complete systems from one source, without loop ways.

Impact extrusion, stamping, deforming
On toggle lever presses with press capacities of 200 to 1200 KN impact extrusion parts from aluminium, aluminium alloys and copper in a dimension range of diameter 10 to 120 mm and a total length of 360 mm are produced. Eccentric presses and round cycle forming machines allow additional technological machining steps. The advantageous tooling costs, high tool life, high deforming degree and low material loss are important economic advantages.

More then 50 CNC-machining centres and CNC-turning machines are the base for further machining of impact extruded parts and profile material of aluminium in various shape for low and high volume series. 50 % of these modern machines will be operated with robots with corresponding high productivity. Special trained personnel for set up and programming guarantees a work load in three shift model.

Cleaning (Degreasing)
All produced parts will be cleaned in high quality on modern and effective washing machines. With the cleaning method we use we guarantee smooth proceeding of following machining steps such as final assembly, welding, brazing et cetera at customer facility.

System production
Since 2007 Jahn produces in a new production plant with most modern equipment for assembly, completion and complete production systems and assembly groups for the automotive and non-automotive industry.