Company: Research and Development

Research and development

have high importance at Jahn. Our products will be utilised in many applications worldwide.
We develop also together with our customers new domains for innovative aluminium impact extrusion parts with high economical effects. Excellent educated graduate engineers support our customers already at product development stage by application-technological consulting and optimisation of customer specified products.

In the foreground stands thereby the development and production of customised products with high economical effects such as:

  • low weight of the aluminium parts compared with steel
  • high deforming degree in impact extrusion
  • low tooling costs
  • homogeneous structure and advantageous fibre flow
  • good opportunities for surface treatment
  • recycling possibility

JAHN has a capable tool, device and machine shop. Highly qualified professionals manufacture here tools for deforming process, new products, devices, machines and equipment for our own needs within shortest time.

Examples from development

Impact extruded air bottles from aluminium EN-AW 6060/ 6082, braking and clutch systems for automotive industry and various other applications.
Cost effective production, especially through impact extrusion of the air tanks, homogenous structure and advantageous fibre flow.
Versions with asymmetrical crosscut are part of our product range as well.
Air bottles have the CE conformity accordingly air bottle directive.

Air receivers and air diffusers for optimisation of suspension comfort at utility vehicles.
Receiver dryers, accumulators for climate systems in various designs.
Components for chassis suspension and transmission in different dimensions and designs for passenger cars and lorries.
Pump covers and housings for passenger cars fuel pumps in impact extruded design with finished machining.