Company: Awards

Awards of JAHN GmbH


Stuttgart, May 2000
final participation in the nationwide and all classes of business spanned contest "Entrepreneur des Jahres 2000", a competition for holder managed, middle class companies with constant growth and innovation spirit.

September 2000
rewarded with the business and media award "Oskar für den Mittelstand 2000“


May 2001
final participation and nominated for the "Entrepreneur des Jahres 2001“

June 2001
listed in "Europe's 500" 2001
Europe's top 500 job creating entrepreneurs - a competition of Europes fastest growing and most innovating middle-class enterprises


listed in "Europe's 500" 2002 again

listed in "Europe's 500" 2005 again: place 197th


listed in "Europe's 500" 2006 again - Entrepreneur for growth


Honorary badge of the Oskar Patzelt foundation
Grand award of the middle class “Premier” nomination